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Nuclear Issues in 21st century;21世紀の核を考える(原爆展2016)

                  Nuclear Issues in 21st Century
                     (Atomic Bomb Exhibition 2016)

20th century saw the invention of nuclear weapon based on nuclear fission and its application to the production of electricity.  Both the nuclear weapons and nuclear power reactors need to be abolished in 21st century.  For the “nuclear” and its associated “radiation” are not compatible with life on the earth.  It is not only the tragedy of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but also that of the entire human race, as Obama, the first US president who visited Hiroshima, suggested.  We will explore the issues of the “Nuclear” in our century at this year’s atomic bomb exhibition.

(1)  Panels to show the horrors of Atomic Bomb (all day long, July 30 and 31)
(2)  Obama’s visit to Hiroshima
(3)  Slide talk: The Nuclear Issues in 21st century” (3-4 pm on July 30 and 31)
(4)  Screening of a documentary “Watch That Day” (Rebecca Irby, director)

at  Japanese Language School at 487 Alexander Street, Vancouver (refer to the map below)



(1)原爆の悲惨さを示す写真/絵の展示730/31日 終日)
(4)Watch That Day」(広島を忘れないように:Rebecca Irby監督)

場所日本語学校 487 Alexander Street, Vancouver (下の地図参照)

There will be an opportunity to learn how to make paper cranes.

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