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主宰:VSA9Peace Philosophy Centre
日時2013年、834日 午前11時—午後5
場所:日本語学校 487 Alexander Street, Vancouver

Atomic Bomb Exhibition – To Make Peaceful World –

      The atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, 68 years ago.
Since then, mankind has gathered nuclear weapons so many that they can annihilate ourselves several times over. This exhibition shows how terrible the effects of the atomic bombs were, but one thing cannot be illustrated.  That is the health effects of the radioactive material produced in the atomic bomb explosion. The same radioactive materials are being produced in the nuclear power reactor, and have been released into the environment from some accidents including that of Fukushima Daiich Nuclear Power Plants in 2011.  Hence the nuclear power reactor may be regarded to be one of WMD’s and hence must be abolished, like the nuclear weapons.
     An exhibition “Atomic bomb in relation to Peace” will be held as follows.
(1)  Panels to show the horrors of Atomic Bomb
(2)  Slide show: Nuclear weapon/nuclear power; their radiation effects and what Canada is doing.
(3)  Senbaduru (Thousand cranes): An anime movie of the story of Senbaduru

When: 11:00-17:00 on Aug. 3 and 4
Where: Japanese Language School, at 487 Alexander Street, Vancouver
Volunteers: Volunteers to help in setting up, manning tables and others are needed.
Please help us as you can, and email to, if you can.