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NPT Review Conference - Determined for a World Without Nuclear Weapons: an Evening with Sachi Rummel, a Hiroshima Witness 核なき世界への決意:被爆者ランメル幸さんとの夕べ

Please see the report of this event on Peace Philosophy Centre's Blog.

Peace March in New York, May 2, in which one hundred Hibakusha (a-bomb survivors) among the 15,000 participants called for nuclear weapons abolition. 5月2日、ニューヨークで核廃絶のための平和行進の様子。日本から参加した100人の被爆者をはじめ、15,000人がニューヨークのタイムズスクエアから国連本部まで行進した。

You are invited to:

A Special Event after the United Nations NPT (Non-Proliferation Treaty) Review Conference:

"Determined for a World Without Nuclear Weapons: an Evening with Sachi Rummel, a Hiroshima witness"

Time and Date: 7-9 PM, Wednesday, June 2

Place: Room C (Ground Floor), Roundhouse Community Centre , Yaletown, Downtown Vancouver (181 Roundhouse Mews, Vancouver, BC - Roundhouse Station of Canada Line)

A month-long negotiation of the NPT (Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty) Review Conference will come to the conclusion on May 28th. Satoko Norimatsu, Director of Peace Philosophy Centre and a founding member of Vancouver Save Article 9 will report her experience of NPT activities in New York, where near one hundred Hibakusha (a-bomb survivors) gathered to influence the UN's policy towards nuclear disarmament. The special guest of the evening will be Sachi Rummel, a Hiroshima witness. Sachi will share her precious experience of the atomic-bombing on August 6, 1945 and her life afterwards.

Free Admission (donation accepted)

RSVP and inquiries: or 604-619-5627

Organizers: Vancouver Save Article 9, Peace Philosophy Centre

The primary language of this event will be English. Japanese/English translation can be provided during discussion.

Profile: Sachi Rummel
Sachi was born in Hiroshima. Sachi was 8 years old, and at her school 3.5 kilometre away from the hypocentre when the atomic bomb was dropped on August 6, 1945. She married a Canadian man and moved to Canada in 1975. She has two children. Sachi's hobbies are tea ceremony and flower arrangement.


「核なき世界への決意:ヒロシマ体験者 ランメル幸さんとの夕べ」

日時: 6月2日(水)午後7-9時

場所:ラウンドハウスコミュニティーセンター(バンクーバー、イェールタウン カナダライン・ラウンドハウス駅) 1階 C会議室


参加費 無料(ドネーションを受け付けます)

参加申込、問い合わせ: か電話 604-619-5627 へ



プロフィール ランメル幸
ランメル幸さんは、広島出身で、8歳のとき、爆心地から3.5キロの学校で被爆しました。カナダ人と結婚し、1975年にカナダに移住、二児の母である。 趣味はお茶とお花。



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